Alarming reports

Friday, the 31st of May is APS census day. Large numbers of APS Members simply did not renew their membership prior to or in 2018. Many others are planning either to not renew or to resign their memberships before this Friday.

Alarmingly, RAPS has had many reports that numerous psychologists are discovering that their membership remains active and, in some cases, indicated as fully paid when no such payment has in fact been made. Members who have made the decision to not renew and are finding their APS membership still active and ‘paid’, are understandably distressed and dismayed.

What does this mean?

Has the APS done this to boost their membership numbers in order to strengthen their position when lobbying?

Is the APS finally feeling the loss of numbers and therefore automatically renewing and still counting those memberships?

Is the APS re-activating lapsed memberships leading up to the 31st of May when they will be counted?

What to do?

RAPS urge those APS members who have resigned their membership, whether recently or in the past, to check their membership status online with the APS by trying to log in. Distressingly there are many psychologists who seem to have been reinstated on the APS membership database recently without their permission. If this has happened to you, you will need to contact the APS by both phone and in writing urgently tomorrow.