Organisational Vision

Reform APS

United Profession – Freedom of Practice – Equity for the Public

A landscape:

  • in which psychologists equally value each other,
  • where all psychologists are recognised as equals by the wider system, and
  • that delivers equity to the public.

Strategic Objectives – The Seven Pillars

To Uphold and Support:

  1. The integrity of our diversity
  2. The quality of our service
  3. The depth and complexity of our expertise
  4. The innovation of our science
  5. The strength of our collective voice on national policy
  6. The reformation of the Peak Body – the Australian Psychological Society
  7. The influencing of all stakeholders to realise our overarching vision.

Action Strategies

To engage with major decision makers such as the Australian Government, the Australian Psychological Society (APS), the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC), and the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) to drive our strategic objectives for the benefit of the entire profession.

To consult with and support educational institutions.

To advocate for a ‘one-tier’ Medicare Rebate System.

To build a community of APS and non-APS psychologists and other interested stakeholders.

To collaborate within this community to engender individual and group participation in effort and innovation toward implementation of our strategic objectives.

To develop ways of transitioning with businesses built around the top Medicare tier if the development of a new one-tier system suggests a reduced income.  We are not adversaries this is our shared problem to resolve.

Bridging Courses and the Two-Tier Medicare Rebate System

Consistent with our vision and strategic objectives we support a one-tier Medicare Rebate System.  We do not generally support bridging courses.

We regard bridging courses and the two-tier Medicare Rebate System as entirely separate issues – one should not be used as a mechanism to resolve the other.

There are three caveats to the above:

  1. We have not been shown any details of bridging courses. We acknowledge the possibility of the emergence of some other innovative system that equitably supports all involved and includes processes for recognition of prior learning.
  2. We recognise individual decision making for all psychologists. If any individual is offered a bridging course under a two-tier system the decision to accept is rightly, entirely their own.
  3. A form of lateral bridging may be applicable across some areas of practice. Our view of psychologists is that they are increasingly multi-skilled individuals, encountering huge variety among their clientele, and many of the skills are portable.

Education and the Future

If requirements for registration change, those requirements come into effect at the time of change for future psychologists.  Future requirements do not affect psychologists who registered prior to the change nor do they create inequality in any arenas between psychologists.

Organisational Values

These are our guiding principles of how we agree to deliberate and act together in order to protect and enhance our organisational vision.  We use these values as a tool to monitor and reveal gaps between our espoused intentions and the actual results we achieve i.e. the values are incorporated into and operating in an ongoing learning design.

  1. Considerateness
  2. Empowerment
  3. Integrity
  4. Consensus
  5. Benevolence

Values Explicated

  1. Consistent with The Golden Rule, all deliberants give equal regard to possible effects upon others, including future generations, as they do to themselves.
  2. Mutual empowerment not power over.
  3. An individual’s integrity cannot be demonstrated in isolation.  It is demonstrated in one’s interactions and relationships with others.
  4. We value consensus and therefore use consensual decision making processes in which consensus is a wide ranging field including opinion that is at least prepared to try what most have agreed to. We continue to value, listen to, and monitor opinion that falls outside this field.
  5. We exist to serve and respond to the psychological needs of our community across ALL areas of psychological practice. In this sense our organisational vision is our best articulation of how this may be achieved.

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