About Reform APS

We need the support of ALL psychologists, the public and other stakeholders to help us do three things.

  1. Advance public debate in psychology within Australia.
  2. Promote diversity across the full scope of the psychology profession.
  3. Advocate for a change in law and policy to support a one-tier Medicare rebate system for all registered psychologists and to restore equity to the public in choice of practitioner, treatment and cost.

We are a diverse group of Australian Psychologists who have formed together for a common purpose.  Some of us are members of the Australian Psychological Society (APS), others have left the APS and joined professional associations such as the Australian Association of Psychologists Inc. (AAPi) or the umbrella group Australian College of Psychologists in Clinical Private Practice (ACPCPP) and their affiliated organisations in the States and Australian Territories. Some RAPS supporters have multiple affiliations.

Our driving purpose has always been to unite our profession.  A large force for disunity began in 2006 when psychologists were admitted to the Medicare Register.  A rebate system, for which there was no evidence and which appeared to be based mainly upon self interest,  was introduced which discriminated against the majority of psychologists and favoured a minority group of “clinical psychologists”.

The two-tiered system has led to a severe contraction in the diversity of psychology postgraduate programs.

This inequitable system and its numerous unintended consequences is why we are here.

If you are a member of the public wanting to access psychological services, we support your right to see the psychologist of your choice without incurring a greater financial cost.

If you belong to a community support group or mental health organisation, the information provided on this website will enable you to advocate for a fairer system of accessing psychological treatment.

If you are a psychologist, regardless of where or how you are working, this website provides an opportunity to discuss these issues and others impacting the psychology profession in an atmosphere of collegiality and mutual respect.

If you are a major decision maker within, or affecting, the psychology profession we hope that this website will impress upon you the urgent need for reform in the interests of providing better access and better outcomes for ALL.

The RAPS Initiative In Summary

RAPS aims to raise awareness of and address the on-going and ever-growing predominance of clinical psychology practitioners, academics and training programs that ultimately places at direct risk:

  1. the integrity of our diversity as a profession
  2. the quality of our service to the community
  3. the depth and complexity of our expertise as practitioners
  4. the breadth of our innovation as scientists
  5. the depth and breath of our training programs across all training pathways
  6. the extent of our influence on national policy

Advocating for a one-tier Medicare Rebate System for all psychologists is a critical step in uniting the psychology profession and valuing the diversity of expertise across all areas of psychological practice.

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