APS Candidates: Do you support one Medicare Rebate System for all psychologists?

Raps asks one key question of all candidates in the 2018 APS elections

The AAPi (Australian Association of Psychologists) which is another peak body for psychologists in Australia states clearly as a recommendation in its Submission to the Medicare Schedule Review Reference Group – That Medicare abolishes the Two-Tiered Rebate System for Psychologists and replaces it with a Single Tier Rebate.

Jenny Corran who is a candidate for the Non-Clinical College General Director position in the upcoming APS election has stated clearly that she stands for a single tier Medicare system.

Kathrine (Kat) Selmer Johansen who is a candidate for Division of General Psychological Practice (DGPP) General Director position has also stated clearly that she stands for a single tier.

The AAPi and these two candidates are willing to give us their commitment to a single tier system. If there were more directors on the APS board who can genuinely say, “Yes, I support a single tier”, then there is hope that the direction of the APS can move away from the current two tier and now the even more unfair and unworkable proposed three tier system.

Coming up are elections for three positions on the APS board. We need to know who of the candidates support a single tier so that we can make an informed choice. Reform APS needs help to find the email addresses of all the candidates in the upcoming APS elections. Then we can all send the candidates the one question, “Do you support a single tier?” We have a right to know before we give away our precious votes. We need just a straight yes or no. We need people on the board who will stand for us on this issue. We don’t need politicians; we need people who have the courage and commitment to say “Yes, I support a single tier”.

For too long, the APS has said one thing, and then in a sudden announcement, said something else. Perhaps this is why there is so much fear. Too often we have been told that we need to do such and such, and then we are suddenly told that we actually needed to do something else, without acknowledging that we were following the rules at the time (except for some, like the members of colleges who do not have the relevant post-graduate degrees but are endorsed). This seems to me akin to the parenting style of telling children to do a list of chores, the children doing the chores, and then telling some of the children that they won’t get their pocket money because they should have done this other set of chores. We all know that to be very poor parenting or leadership style. However we are just expected to accept their decisions, scurry to follow another set of rules that could change again tomorrow, and to not get upset by it. We never know what might be around the corner, or who might be the target. No one is safe in this style of leadership. Who knows, it may even be that those who are endorsed without a Masters/PhD wake one day to the announcement that their endorsements will be cancelled and they will be relegated to the lowest tier.

We need for this style of leadership to change. We need the APS to acknowledge that we have all been trained to question and to ask for evidence to support claims. We need the APS to accept that they cannot be an exception. We need to insist that we see proposals before they become decisions. We need to continue to call out unfair proposals, and to demand to see the scientific evidence that supports any proposals. We need an APS that will respect us and serve us, because that is what we pay for – a service. We need to get straight answers from the candidates.

So please help us by finding and sharing email addresses of the candidates, and sending emails with the single question, “Do you support a single tier?”

The candidates are:

General Director – Division of Colleges (not Clinical)

Ms Jenny Corran MAPS Email
Ms Jacqueline (Jacky) Dakin FAPS
Mr Michael Di Mattia MAPS Email
Ms Helen Killmier MAPS Email
Dr John Roodenburg FAPS Email

General Director – Division of General Psychological Practice (DGPP)

Mr Andrew Chua MAPS Email
Ms Kathrine (Kat) Johansen MAPS Email
Miss Jacqueline (Jacqui) White MAPS

General Director – Early Career

Dr Sally Bradford MAPS Email
Dr Aimee Maxwell MAPS Email
Dr Simon Rice MAPS Email
Mr Ozgur Yalcin MAPS