A Spill is the only Hope Now

The constitution of the current APS board no longer represents the will of the majority of members in the APS and should be dismissed.

We know the Clinical College supports the two-tier system and that 10% of its members have threatened to leave the APS if the board doesn’t support the two-tier system.

Where does that leave the rest of us?

The Clinical College now has full control of the board despite a brief moment earlier this year, when the 4 non-clinical elected directors had a chance to make a difference. But all that changed when two more clinical directors plus a clinical neuropsych academic were co-opted last month.

The brief window of opportunity for fairer representation has been lost and is unlikely to come again. The best thing members can do now is to elect a whole new board.

A resolution to SPILL THE BOARD starts with collecting only 100 signatures on a petition to spill the board. These have to be hard copy signatures (not electronic) so RAPS is looking for volunteers who are willing  to collect 10 signatures each. If you can help, let us know here.

Once the petition is sent to the APS, it has to be put to the members to vote on. A spill resolution only takes a 50% of the votes to pass, which is much easier than a special resolution, which needs 75% of the votes.

If passed, all board members have to vacate their positions and a new election will be called. This includes the President, the Vice President and the five General Directors. The co-opted directors will also be set aside.

A complete change of the board would provide the most democratic solution to the intolerable situation on the Board. It would hopefully also end the succession of Presidents from the Clinical College, who have dominated the Society for the past 17 years.

We need a board that can and will convince government to bring in a fairer Medicare system and fight for the survival of Better Access for the more than 65% of APS members who work in private practice.

More than 850 members have responded to the RAPS poll, 77% of whom have indicated they are ready to take action.  Please let us know if you are ready to collect signatures for us here?