A Repost About Training Supported by RAPS

This was originally posted on 2nd December 2017.  As the workshops are occurring in 2018 we are posting this again as a reminder.

RAPS supports diversity in psychology, including training.  We will, as such training opportunities become available, inform you about them.

The following information is about two workshops that RAPS believes are valid, effective, and provide very useful additions to clinical practice for all psychologists working therapeutically.  We are pleased to be able to support these workshops and urge all interested parties to read  the information below and follow the links to make your own decisions.

Gold Standard Evidence Based Treatments for Anxiety Disorders &
 Psychometric Measures for Clinical Practice

After the success of last year’s CCRT training and 2015’s Attachment Disorder treatment training with Dan P. Brown Phd. we have been able to secure him for another year.

 We are happy to announce that RAPS are assisting to promote Dan Brown’s workshops for 2018.
The workshops offered are part of a series of trainings Dan has delivered for over a decade to the Harvard Medical school and to a group of private clinicians he supervises in New York City.

 This training will help the speed and efficiency of your case conceptualisation and treatment planning and will also provide you with clear understanding of diagnostic tools and treatment approaches for third party reporting.

 Dan’s approach is detail focused and will translate into your increased confidence and clarity in diagnoses and treatment planning.

 Please note this is a non-for-profit training with any funds being forwarded to Dan’s charity work in Tibet.
If you have any queries about the workshops, please drop me a line.

Kind Regards,

Nigel Denning

W: http://www.integrativepsychology.net.au/news

Workshop 1 – Psychometric measures for Clinical practice

The training offered this year feature Dan’s presentation of gold standard diagnostic tools for clinicians both self-report questionnaires (day 1) and diagnostic interview tools (day 2).

Tickets available

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Workshop 2 – Evidence based treatment for Anxiety Disorders

A second workshop being offered explores best practice treatment for the various DSMV anxiety disorders and reviews best practice treatment approaches for each.  The training includes case studies and clinical vignettes to enhance the pedagogic experience.

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