Sign the Spill Now!

Yes, RAPS needs everyone to sign both of the new documents to call for a general meeting to vote on the spill as soon as possible.

The first document is to force them to call the meeting and the second document is to make them send our statement out to all members so they understand why we are calling for the spill.

PLEASE SIGN BOTH DOCUMENTS AND SEND ALL THE PAGES BACK WITH THE SIGNED PAGE! You can download them by clicking on the links below:

It is now up to EVERY ONE of us to sign these two documents now!

Please print out and sign the document attached and send to us:

  • email:, or
  • fax: 03 8615 9999 (Att: CXH), or
  • post: Reform APS, c/o CXH, Macpherson Kelley, GPO Box 1666, Melbourne VIC 3001.

Scanned or photographed copies of forms (with signatures and names clearly visible) can also be sent.

The lawyers have told us they can only use the pdf form and all pages have to be returned to avoid the APS disqualifying your form. You have to print out both documents with all pages and return together.
Sorry, but it’s not our choice. If you want your signature to make a difference this what has to happen.
If you have any problems, tell us here.

Please print your name carefully and sign the form clearly!

Please tell your friends and colleagues to support us now. You can download and sign both documents HERE.

The APS has only ever advocated for a single top tier for clinical psychologists – and 70% of membership has had no voice to government.

Thanks to all those who have sent us their signed documents already. Together we are very strong and can make a difference.