APS Members Paying Loyalty Tax

It seems the APS is trying to lure former members who have left the APS, for ignoring the interests of non-clinical members, to re-join. Many finally left the APS due to the White Paper serving the interests of a limited number of psychologists. The APS has ignored the majority of its members’ outcry over the ongoing two-tier issue, and how it limits access to psychology services in Australia. The…

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COMPETITIVE  PROFESSIONAL  ANGST  MUST  COME  TO  AN  END  TO MAKE  ROOM  FOR  COLLABORATIVE  CARE  IN  MENTAL  HEALTH While the mental health sector across the country is calling for a collaborative approach to mental health care, some professional factions continue to cause division. To be clear, partisan angst across the mental health sector is not evidence of best practice. It is evidence of something else that many are at a…

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