Meeting with the Health Minister

We have formed the Australian Mental Health Alliance – which consists of RAPS, the Australian Association of Psychologists inc (AAPi) and the Australian Psychologists Facebook Group. On Thursday 5th of December two of the RAPS team along with AAPi representatives travelled to Canberra to meet with the Health Minister. The Minister is well aware of the history of the internal conflict in Psychology in Australia. He is very sympathetic…

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Do members live in a climate of fear?

In their comments and posts, RAPS is constantly begged by members not to disclose their identity. What does this say about our Society? Isn’t this an abuse of trust when members are afraid to speak up? Surely psychologists, who are highly dedicated to their profession, should expect to be able to trust their society 100%. The years of ethics training orientates them to believing their own professional organisation would never…

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Some Interesting Statistics and Facts

Compromise Figure of a Single tier that will not change Government expenditure: – Total expenditure on 50+min sessions in 2018 from 1st January to 31st October is $436,953,460.60. – The total number of sessions for that time is 4,241,448. – If we divide the total cost for tier 1 & 2 by the number of sessions completed by tier 1 & 2 we come up with a Medicare Rebate…

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