Historical Perspective by Ted Milliken

Edwin (Ted) Milliken is nearly 100 years old and currently a member of the Association of Private Practising Psychologists NT” (APPPNT) “AREA-DESCRIPTIVE” TITLING IN PSYCHOLOGY  E P Milliken 3 March 2018 Many descriptive words have been used in psychology to distinguish one domain from another in information/knowledge, activity, practice, etc. Over the past 60 or so years it has become customary to attach certain words firmly to areas of practices….

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NDIS: Another Psychological Unicorn

The Clinical Unicorn has invaded the NDIS – It’s a Two-Tiered System From the Final Report document: You can download the full report here. It’s time for all the disenfranchised psychologists, and the clients of the NDIS who are about to be unnecessarily out of pocket to get fully behind what RAPS is very soon to offer all of you.  It’s also time to search your own value systems…

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Update on Complaints about ACPA Submission

AHPRA will only investigate complaints involving individuals, they farm the complaint out to whichever organisation they decide should accept responsibility for it.  Please read this page.  These bodies are really already overloaded with complaints.  Oddly enough, although it’s very clear that the ACPA submission strongly violates AHPRA’s PsyBA Code of Ethics it appears as though they may not accept any responsibility for policing the code.  These bodies are more…

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