Call for Volunteers and Training Reminder

HELP WANTED Expect to see quite a few of these in the coming months.  We are still very busy behind the scenes setting up structures etc.  We need someone to write a draft letter and send it to us for final editing.  We will give you relevant documentation you can refer to so, in a sense, it’s more of a covering letter.  We want to use it as a…

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A Repost About Training Supported by RAPS

This was originally posted on 2nd December 2017.  As the workshops are occurring in 2018 we are posting this again as a reminder. RAPS supports diversity in psychology, including training.  We will, as such training opportunities become available, inform you about them. The following information is about two workshops that RAPS believes are valid, effective, and provide very useful additions to clinical practice for all psychologists working therapeutically.  We…

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